Guild-emblem Guilds

Friendster now makes it easier for gamers to run their guilds with Friendster Guilds. Friendster Guilds gives gamers a venue to make their gaming experience more exciting and more sociable.

  • Build your community

    • Create your own guild and invite members
    • Join an existing guild
    • Assign rank to guild members
    • Create your own guild rules and policies
  • Communicate with guild members

    • Private discussions with guild members
    • Send mass messges to everyone or specific members
  • Compete with other guilds

    • Master your game to achieve the no. 1 rank in the Leaderboard
    • Earn achievements (Coming soon)

You are not in a guild yet, you can create one here. You must be level 20 to create a guild.

To join another Guild you have to apply or be invited by someone in that guild who has at least the rank of officer.

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