FREE $10 Item Pack when you play Pearl Heroes

about 3 years ago

Pearl Heroes - Free $10 Item Pack




Register for an account in Friendster.


Friendster Login

You can also login using your Facebook


Pearl Heroes Game Page

Go to the Pearl Heroes page and click the
   Play Button.


Friendster Login

You will receive a notification after your
   first time play.


Friendster Inbox

Go to your Friendster inbox to view the full
   message and get the ACTIVATION CODE.


Code Exchanger NPCs

Look for the following NPC in game

They can be found in Capital Cities:

  • Xuchang (Wei)
  • Chengdu (Shu)
  • Jianye (Wu)


Code Exchanger NPC

Activation Code

Click on the NPC and type in the


System Notice

You will receive a System Notice that you've
   received a Friendster Bag.

You should also see the Friendster Bag
   item in your inventory.


Friendster Bag

Friendster Bag details:

  • Unlocks every 10 levels
  • Unlocked at levels 10, 20, 30, 40,
    50, 60 and 70
  • Contains $10 worth of FREE items

So what are you waiting for? Start your adventure!


Play Now!