Free Boxing Bear Pet & a Permanent VIP Title!

about 3 years ago

Log on to Crystal Legacy now to enjoy the generous gifts of a Combat Pet and VIP Title! Just top-up any amount you want (yes, any amount will do!) to enjoy these first-time top-up privileges!


Rewards: Combat Pet + Forever VIP Title + Extra 1-hour Auto Gaming for FREE!

Gift Collection


When your Character reaches Level 10, head to the Event Manager NPC at Starpolis to collect the Combat Pet; your account will be automatically upgraded to VIP Level 1 (Forever) as well! (Limited to one set of rewards per Character). To collect your rewards, accept the ‘A Key Step’ (Main) task, and head straight to the Event Manager NPC for task report and reward collection.


Please note that there MUST be Magic Crystals in your account when you collect the rewards.


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