Server 5 & Server 8 Merge - June 10, 2012

almost 3 years ago

Dragon’s Call will carry out a server merge from 10:00 PM, June 10 to 04:00 AM, June 11 (EST), when we will merge Server 5 into Server 8. In addition, the Sky City Arena in both servers will be temporarily closed at 3:00 PM, June 8 (EST). So don’t forget to claim any rewards you have obtained in time.


The new Sky City Arena after the server merge will be re-opened at 10:00 PM, June 11 (EST). We will get you notified immediately if we open it in advance. Please read  the following rules about this server merge carefully so that you can get yourself prepared in advance:


Notes about the Server Merge:

1. Account & Character: If your account has characters on both servers, you must decide to keep one character and delete the other one; the dragon gold and dragon stones on both characters will all be transferred into the character you kept. (When the server re-open after the merge, you'll get the instructions in-game by step, so you don't need to delete your char before merge.)


2. Players who choose to keep their character on Server 5 will have a chance to modify their character’s name; players who act as the leader of a guild on Server 5 will have a chance to modify their guild’s name. (When different players in Server 5 & Server 8 have same character names.)


3. Character Info:

A. Class and character attributes: all class info and basic stats and equipment attributes of the character you chose to keep will be kept and remain unchanged.

B. Inventory: items in the inventory will all be kept.

C. Skill level and skill builds will all be kept.

D. Titles will all be kept.

E. Experience points will stay the same as the one when the servers are merged.

F. Quests: The quest list will be cleared, but the quest progress will be kept. After being accepted again, uncompleted quests will be restored to their original progress.

G. All achievements will be cleared. But the achievements you have attained before the server merge can be re-claimed from the Achievement list.

H. All mails will be cleared, so please remember to claim any unclaimed items from your mails and save the mails you need before the merge.

I. The Market will be cleared, so please take back your items in the market in advance.

J. All friends will be cleared.

K. Auction House: all items in the Auction House will be cleared, so please don’t auction or bid on any items before the server merge.


4. Guild

A. Guild relationship: completely kept.

B. Guild wealth: completely kept.

C. Guild level: completely kept.

D. Guild buildings: completely kept.

E. Guild quests: Guild quests cannot be continued till the next day after the server merge completes.


5. Quiz show: personal scores will be kept, but the Score Rankings will be reset.


6. Mentor & Apprentice system: the relationship between a mentor and an apprentice will be cancelled if either the mentor or the apprentice deletes its character upon the server merge.


7. Rankings: All data will be re-ranked after the server merge and the rankings will be refreshed every an hour, so there will be no ranking data during the first one hour after the merge.


All accounts of which characters below Lv60 and without login for over 3 months will be deleted.


Please also check the Server Merge FAQ here.