FREE Kirin & Magic Crystal Card

almost 3 years ago

Time & Date:10:00 18th July – 10:00 23rd July

Server: All Servers

Gift Bonanza I
Top-up for ANY amount to receive a FREE gift pack! The gift pack includes Top-up Gift Pack: 3X Character EXP Runes*3+ Transitory Bead (Bind)*5+Backpack Expansion Permit (Bind)*1

Gift Bonanza II

The ‘Glam Spender’ title and VIP gift pack will be offered exclusively to players who top-up a cumulative amount of 3000 Points to a character within Event time.

The ‘Glam Spender’ title come with very desirable Attributes and the gift pack include a wide range of items: 200-Magic Crystal Card X1+Red Dragon Coin X2+Black Dragon Coin X2+Medal Gift Pack X2+Anima’s Scale X1+Refinement Stone

1. Only players who top-up a cumulative amount of 3000 Points to a single character within Event time are eligible for the title and gift pack. Those who top-up to multi-characters with a cumulative total of 3000 Points within 7 days are NOT considered eligible for the title or gift pack.

Gift Bonanza III
Top-up for any designated amounts of Magic Crystals (single order) shown in the table below to enjoy a great variety of gift packs!

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