Guilds Gallery and Events Now Available!

almost 3 years ago

The Friendster Guilds’ latest features now make it easier to organize your raid better and show off your latest boss kill!


Guilds System Events:

Schedule Guild Raiding times and alert raid members to come and login an hour before kick off with Guilds Events!

Eventss also include:

  1. Create events – You can create your guild events, raids and victory parties!
  2. Event Reminder- You can also add alarm to your events to remind your guildmates of your guild schedules .


Guilds System Gallery:

Share your epic victories, hilarious moments and gorgeous loot with your guildmates in the Guild Gallery.

Gallery also includes:

  1. Photo Sharing –Share up to 100 photos.
  2. Photo Comments – Comment on other members’ photos.


Explore Friendster Guilds’ new features today!