Guilds Amazing Race Coming Soon!

almost 3 years ago


Guilds Amazing Race

Create your Friendster Guild from these five participating games:
BattleStations, Dragon's Call, Eredan, Boomz, War2

Fame, Fortune and Power awaits!


Are you excited and getting ready for this Race? 

Here are 5 tips on how you can bag and brag that best guild spot!


  • Power Up! Level up your avatar to 20 or above! You can level up by playing your favorite games, logging-in etc. Getting active in Friendster is the key.
  • Be a Boss! Create your own Guild! add up to 40 minions and assign ranks.
  • Strategize! Plan your raid strategically with your team. You can make use of the Guilds events to schedule your next assault.
  • Be a Leader! Post screenshots of your victorious moments on the Guilds gallery and inspire your team to play better.
  • Play Hard Earn More! Choose your Game! Play and earn points with your team. This way you’ll definitely get a better chance of winning.


Easy right? Now, I’m sure you’re wondering what you will get if you follow the tips.


Brace yourselves, here it goes:


  • Fame! Full Page feature on our site, Facebook Fan Page, Blog and newsletter! (I Know, AWESOME)
  • Fortune! Lots of Friendster coins. Spend them anywhere you want!
  • Power! Bragging rights. Your famous now!
  • Amazing in-game prizes. Yes, we will give you those rare items you’ve been dreaming of.
  • Friends! =)


Disclaimer: This contest only applies to Friendster Guilds from these five participating games:
Battle Stations, Dragon's Call, Eredan, Boomz, War2


Remember, “There is strength in Numbers”
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