FREE Starter Kit from the Cutest & Coolest Arcade Game!

almost 2 years ago


All new players will get a Free STARTER KIT for the month of September from the Cutest and Coolest Arcade Game, Roll n Rock!

The Starter Kit Includes:
VIP Card(1 Day) x 1
Double Exp Card(1 Day) x 1
Gold Treasure Chest x 1
Ghostly House (15 Days) x 1
Necklace of Wind (15 Days) x 1
Ring of Earth (15 Days) x 1

Guide on how to Claim Starter Kit

1. Visit

2. Select your server and enter a Channel.

3. After entering the game, click “Claim Gift Pack” on the left.

4. Enter the Starter Kit Package card code. 

5. Click “Confirm” and then click the “Bag” icon at the lower area of the screen. 

6. You will then find the Starter Kit Package in your bag.

7. Click the package to redeem your items!