Roll n Rock Launch Events!

almost 3 years ago


Cool Search for the Strongest Rolling Hero

Event Period: (GMT +8) August 13 – 20, 2012

To celebrate the Roll n Rock’s launch on Friendster, our team has prepared a bunch of new leveling rewards. 

Prove that you are one of the Strongest Rolling Heroes by having your character name show up in the Leader Board! To receive an awesome gift, your character should be in the top 10 players of the personal level ranking. 

1. First place: Double-exp Card (30 Days), Broadcast (7 Days)
2. Second place: Double-exp Card(7 Days), Loudspeaker(7 Days)
3. Third place: Double-exp Card (1 Day), Gold Treasure Chest*1, Trumpet(7 Days)
4. Fourth place - Ten place: Gold Treasure Chest*1

Winner Selection:
1. On August 20th, we will also announce the final result at Roll n Rock Forum and Game Page.
2. Winner list is subject to the latest update in Personal Level Ranking on the final date of this event.
3. The final winner is strictly according to the in-game Rank limited to 10 players. Players who have the same level but are ranked 11th or lower in position will not be counted as one of the winners.




 Join a Guild and Get a Gift

Take part in Roll n Rock’s shining and entertaining guild war system! Team up with other players, defend your own and attack other guilds, and gain access to guild quests that will help you level up faster! 
To give you more reasons to join a guild, we are offering a special event for you to earn an awesome gift!

Event Period: 
(GMT +8) 10:00AM August 13 – 20, 2012

Event Rules:
1. Join a guild to obtain a gift pack together with other members.
2. At the end of the event, the members of the top 3 guilds on the Guild Ranking will receive an awesome gift. 
3. Winner list is subject to the latest update in the Guild Ranking on the final date of this event.

Post the following details in this thread to join the event!
Character name:
Guild name:

Guild Leader: VIP Card (7 Days) ,Gold Treasure Chest*3, Invincibility Potion*10
Guild members: VIP Card (1 Day) ,Gold Treasure Chest*1,Luck Potion*10

Winner Selection:
On August 20th, we will also announce the final result at Roll n Rock’s Forum and Games Page.




Cool DOUBLE EXP Event – RNR Launch

Event Period:
10:00 AM, August 13 – 20, 2012 (GMT+8)

In celebration of Roll n Rock’s launch on Friendster, we will be hosting a DOUBLE EXP Event for all players!

Start battling inside the rooms and enjoy the non-stop DOUBLE EXP Rate for 7-days! What’s more exciting is that anyone can boost their exp gain up to 4 TIMES by using the Double-exp card from the Item Mall! 

Now is the perfect time to get your characters grinding for the top ranks in such a short time! Stock up on your spinach and make every second count!

Happy Roll n Rockin’!