Guilds System's New Features, Released!

almost 3 years ago

In the world of competitive gameplay, you need the right tools to dominate the battle.

We know that each Guild has their own limitation.  And with Friendster's New Guild Features, you now have more options to improve your guild's standing.  How?  Simply visit your Guild Page to include these features to your guild.

Bolster the Roster

Increase the number of members to your current guild. Add 10 more members to your current roster for only 2,500 Friendster Coins!  Guilds who have the most number of members, have the most chance to dominate.

Rally the Gallery

Show more of your historic in-game milestones and achievements in your Guild Gallery.  Upload up to 100 more pictures to your Gallery for only 2,500 Friendster Coins!  Show other guilds how awesome your group is through screenshots and pictures.

The Wind of Change

Tired of your current Guild Name?  Want to use a more kick-ass name for your guild but don't want to disband?  Now you can do this by using Change Guild Name feature for only 2,500 Friendster Coins!

Convinced?  Join a guild or make your guild now!